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To Do List

Updated 04/04/2009 (DDN)

Item Date Completed (mm/dd/yy)
* Create Student Page Template In Progress - 03/03/09 HR
* Upload new website mind map Need update - 06/09/09 HR
* Create pages based on mind map Need update - 06/09/09 HR
* Create Wolfram Alpha tutorial
* RSS Feed tutorial Need update - 06/09/09
* Link to tutorial page on navigation bar?
* Link files on appropriate pages
* Create intro flash video/banner
* Shift to Stanford mailman lists (superslr_students & superslr_collaborators) In Progress - 03/17/09 NTC
* Site design improvements - color scheme, Stanford logo, new site title Example


  • If you use the Discussion plug-in for user and public page feedback I would suggest you create user pages in the user: namespace. That way the comment signature will link to a page about the person, something that is quite useful if you have a lot of users. — Thomas Wingate 2009/04/27 11:38
  • I've also found the Notes plug-in to be useful to mark up page status and leave feedback to users: “This page is WIP, etc…” — Thomas Wingate 2009/04/27 11:39

Student Page Template


File Structure

out-of-date - 3/18/2009 HR File System


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