SUPERSLR - Stanford University's Project on Engineering Responses to Sea Level Rise

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Research Database

What data are stored here?

Very much a work in progress!

Port Information Data Type
Lat/Lon Geometry - Point
Country (automatically selected?) Text
Region (automatically selected?) Text
Water Bodies/Rivers (automatically selected?) Text
Biological Assets & Ecosystems Text
Hydrological & Tidal Data Double
Population Data Large Int
Shipping Trade Value Large Int
Shipping Tonnage/TEUs Large Int
Infrastructure Physical Area Large Int
GeoSystem & Model Measurements Large Int
Risk Assessments Text
Design Storms Data Type
Return Period Int
Duration Int
Intensity Int
Coastal Protector (Parametrically generated?) Data Type
Materials Required
Labor Required
Time Required
Global Construction & Materials Capacity Data Type
Country Data for each Item
Global Construction & Engineering Providers Data Type
Engineering Companies
Concrete batch plants
Etc. …?
Construction Costs & Times (regionally or by country?) Data Type
Material Cost
Labor Cost
Construction Durations (RS Means?)
4D Model Data Type
Sources Data Type

Data (types) to be added

  • Metadata
    • Source
    • Accuracy
  • Land subsidence/rebound
  • Infrastructure connections
  • Proximity to next (major?) port
  • Port classification - major or not…?
  • Columns for future public/private restrictive viewing

Proposed Design